About Me

This site will tell you a little about me and about the piano lessons that I teach to children.

My name is Ann and I have been giving piano lessons to children in various parts of the country for the last 10 years.
I have an enhanced CRB check and have been a warranted girl guider for many years. Also I have years of experience working with children with special needs and teaching literacy in a secondary school in London.
I love showing children just how rewarding and how much fun music can be - whether listening or playing I have always found it one of the joys of life.
I mainly work with beginners and I emphasize the happiness and calmness that music can bring into their life.
I focus on working with children to increase their hand-eye coordination and their concentration, alleviating boredom whilst having fun.
If you would like to get in touch about the possibility of lessons for your child, please email me at:


or alternatively give me a ring on 07866 614468


Recorder lessons

When I was about 7 I began to teach myself to play the recorder and it was such a wonderfully satisfying thing to do - I learned how to read music and the whole experience made me feel good about myself. I feel that there is a lot to be said for working at something and becoming proficient at it.
Anyway, I also teach recorder lessons. It can be taught as a single lesson on its own or incorporated into a piano lesson as a little extra something of interest!
The books I use for the recorder are the very same (though obviously reprinted!) as the ones I used to teach myself all those years ago - the School Recorder Book series. Also I use a book called 'Recorder from the Beginning'.


About the piano lessons

For general piano lessons I prefer to use the
Fanny Waterman books - they have been around for years, have had a fairly recent revamp and are excellent for beginners.
The books are not pricey - £4.49 on Amazon, which is where I buy my copies from - and one book lasts your child for a number of months.
The price of lessons varies but comes within a range of £20 - £25 per hour.
(Usually though younger children would have no more than a half hour lesson at a time).